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A warm welcome.

On this microsite we would like to give you a quick overview of the JC SANDALWOOD-Investment.

We trust, you will be just as sceptical as we were when we got to know this unique asset in 2009.
But we quickly learned that sandalwood (Santalum album) is very different from other trees known to investors:
medical use, diverse sales markets, threatened with extinction, excess demand, monopoly situation,
exemplary risk management, very valuable and expensive, as well the extended value chain.

As an investment, this results in a significantly more positive risk/return profile and considerably lower correlations. 
The sustainability achieved with this investment is at least as important to us, being an impact investor:
the sustainable cultivation through reforestation of mixed forests in the tropical north of Australia,
unfolding high biodiversity and CO2 binding;
the sustainable processing in pharmaceutical grade quality sandalwood oil (traceability);
unique remedies for Ayurveda, TCM and western conventional medicine;
last but not least, this rare species is saved from extinction.

In 2010, this convinced us to become the first of a handful of international investors,
each holding their own sandalwood acreages cultivated by the Australian world market leader.

Of these, we are the only one to invite co-investors.

As an entrepreneurial investor we are also active in the marketing of the sandalwood products in order to increase the value chain.

If you would like to delve deeper into this limited and exclusive opportunity, whether further documents, unclarified questions, access to the data room for due diligence or on-site visit, please feel free to contact us.

Good Reasons for JC Sandalwood


Summary, 2 pages


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Brochure, 14 pages

Sandalwood. The Royal Tree - ENGLISH - XS

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JC Sandalwood received two German awards for the Best Alternative Investment (2017) and for the Best Impact Investment (2019).

Investment Solutions

Individual Investment Solutions

Family Offices, Private Banks, High Net Worth Individuals, Investment Clubs and Institutional Investors

For semi-professional, professional and institutional investors we are happy to tailor individual structures. Since 2010, we have built up a high level of expertise in structuring the special legal and tax details of this investment. To date, we have created 18 investment vehicles in JC Sandalwood – mostly equity-based, but also for debt financing.

Please feel free to contact us personally to enter into an in-depth dialogue in this regard.

You will find a representative example, also in terms of key figures and results, in our private placement below.

JC Sandalwood Invest 12

Private Placement
  • Minimum Investment amount: EUR 25,000 (flexible additional investment option)
  • Maximum of 20 investors
  • Forecasted total return: 318.7%
  • Projected internal rate of return (IRR p.a.,): 9.7% after Australian taxes
  • Taxes: the income from the plantations is conceptually exempt from German income tax (subject to progression)
  • Duration: until 31 Dec 2033 (with extension option for up to 2 years)

JC Sandalwood Invest 12 is suited for investments between EUR 25,000 and EUR 500,000.
For larger investments we are happy to create an individual solution. Please contact us HERE.

JC Sandalwood - Impressions

JC Sandalwood Photos


For more videos please visit our video channel

Impact Investing with Jäderberg & Cie.

Peter Jäderberg

Peter Jäderberg

Founder and Managing Director of Jäderberg & Cie.

About Jäderberg & Cie.

The Jäderberg & Cie. group is an entrepreneurial impact investor with operational responsibility for two projects with high sustainability impact.

Since 2010, over 300,000 sandalwood trees have been cultivated under the name „JC SANDALWOOD“ on 700 hectares of reforested mixed forests in the tropical north of Australia. From 2028 onwards, gross harvest revenues of over one billion euros are expected from this. Approximately half of the JC Sandalwood acreage is co-owned by co-investors of the JC Group. Among the handful of neighbouring investors in the world’s only sustainable source of commercially relevant size for the very valuable but almost extinct species are Abu Dhabi Investment Council, Harvard University Endowment Fund and Church of England. The essential oil of sandalwood is, amongst, used in human and veterinary medicine, natural remedies, aromatherapy and as a fragrance carrier. Still in 2020, „JC Sandalwood UNIQUE“, a natural cosmetic skin care range based on pharmaceutical quality sandalwood oil in a biodegradable bottle made of liquid wood, will be launched.

In 2019, the company co-founded and became stakeholder of the international joint venture “ ECOMET URBAN METALS“, a disruptive greentech solution for the production of metal and valuable metal alloys. This closes unsettling gaps in the circular economy to recycle modern electronic waste. Compared to conventional mining methods, up to 98% less CO2 is emitted, up to 95% less energy and hardly any water are consumed.

For both projects, further co-investors are invited to create more sustainability in addition to an entrepreneurial return.

Individual Investment structures can be facilitated.

Furthermore, Peter Jäderberg is involved in various international networks focused on Impact Investing. The capital market’s misleading of investors claiming that their public equity based „sustainable investment“ products would create sustainability in the real economy drives him to publications and presentations.


If you would like to know more about JC Sandalwood, are interested in the investment opportunities or have any questions, please contact us.