Individual Investment solutions

for family offices, privatd banks, high net worth individuals, investment Clubs and institutional investors.

To tailor co-investment into JC Sandalwood, we have created different and flexible solutions over the years: So far, 18 vehicles for over 1,500 investors. Our regulated retail funds inhibit hundreds of private investors each. Some families have their own personal SPV. Several private placements gather up to 20 people (trusts, companies) each.

Our expert legal and tax team is well versed in structuring international investments, specifically regarding the Australian Unit Trust structure, relevant here. However, we are not in the business of selling SPVs. Our sole aspiration as the lead investor (and GP) of JC Sandalwood is to welcome further co-investors hereto and for this purpose, we are happy to customize the best suitable individual solution.

During the pandemic, we have become highly active in the Impact Investment space.

To facilitate an appropriate structure for like-minded professional investors, we have created this exclusive Club Deal with special conditions: JC Sandalwood Invest 20.

We would appreciate your feedback. And certainly your co-investment.