Unlike most agriculture and forestry projects, Quintis aims to cover the entire value-chain: „From Soil to Oil to Shelf“ and „From Tree to Treatment“.

  • The land search is extensive and scrupulous, resulting in high quality cost/performance ratio.
  • Quintis operates their own seed orchards and nurseries; keeping IP protection high and costs low.
  • From the planting until harvest, all activities are controlled by the Quintis forestry management.
  • Quintis research department continously monitors and scientifically analyzes available data to optimize the growth.
  • The harvest processing facility utilizes AI machinery to get most out of the trees: pre-selecting tree logs for wood or oil; cutting the heartwood precisely; not wasting a gram of dust.
  • In the own distillery, the sandalwood heartwood and the root trunks are chopped and then distilled to sandalwood oil (pharmaceutical grade or according to customer specification), or processed to powder.
  • Quintis even produces their own line of cosmetics and other products for sale in their Australian shops, and as prototypes for the industry.
  • Medicinal studies have been commissioned for the use in human (and pet) medicine. Six clinical trials were started with the FDA in the US.
  • McKinsey was retained to produce a comprehensive study to asses global sales opportunities for sandalwood products,

Quintis markets and sells all sandalwood products on behalf of all growers, globally and centralized. Proceeds are pooled and then distributed according to each growers contributed bio-mass (after a deduction of a small marketing and sales fee, and an IRR-based carry).

Notwithstanding, JC has the right to market and sell their own trees.