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Medicinal. Sacred. Rare.

An Impact Investment by Jäderberg & Cie.

Welcome to JC Sandalwood.

JC Sandalwood is anything but an ordinary timber investment.

It is a sustainable natural investment with exclusive access, low capital market correlations and lucrative returns – the perfect portfolio diversification.

Sandalwood has been in high demand for many thousands of years. Especially the precious sandalwood oil extracted from the heartwood with its outstanding medicinal and olfactory characteristics is sought after.

In the wild, the sandalwood tree is an endangered species. The sustainable cultivation of sandalwood in mixed forests in northern Australia ensures that the so-called king tree is preserved in the long term – and is commercially viable.

Sandalwood is used in a variety of core markets, including pharmaceuticals and dermatology. But it has also been used in traditional Chinese medicine and Aryurveda for thousands of years.

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