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Dear Professional Investors,

Join us on the exciting journey of JC Sandalwood. As lead investor, we invite you to co-invest in our unique mixed sandalwood forests in tropical northern Australia.

In our perfect jungle in northern Australia, the endangered Indian sandalwood is cultivated sustainably and made accessible to the world market.

This is because the valuable oil found in the heartwood of the tree contains impressive medicinal and olfactory properties.

Exceptional financial KPIs, sustainability and exclusive access make JC Sandalwood an exciting asset in the diversified investment portfolio.

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Independent good.

JC Sandalwood is characterised by

    • high market entry barriers
    • low correlation with the capital market
    • a high degree of portfolio diversification.

See also Investment.

Multifaceted ingredient.

The valuable essential sandalwood oil, which is produced in the heartwood of the tree, is used in a range of attractive markets:

    • TCM & Ayurveda
    • Rites & Culture
    • Pharma
    • Skin Care & Health Care
    • Food Industry
    • Perfume Industry

See also Sandalwood.

Added value.

JC Sandalwood excels in integrating the entire vertical value chain:

    • From Soil to Oil to Shelf
    • From Tree to Treatment

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Lead Investor.

The Jäderberg & Cie. group was founded in 2010 specifically to manage the JC Sandalwood project. We have since evolved into an entrepreneurial impact investor with a growing portfolio.

Our investment portfolio consists exclusively of unique projects with groundbreaking or transformative impact, massive sustainability and exceptional long-term profitability.

Being convinced of the impact of our portfolio, we have always invested in our projects ourselves from the very beginning.


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Real Asset.

JC Sandalwood is not a typical timber investment. It is an impact investment in a precious natural product that has been coveted and in demand for thousands of years.

    • Revered, coveted, rare: constant demand coupled with a steady supply has made sandalwood almost extinct.
    • Becoming a Sandalwood Rescuer: JC Sandalwood is dedicated to saving this precious species, among other causes.

See also Sandalwood.

Sustainability & Impact.

As an impact investment, JC Sandalwood creates a significant contribution, for example in terms of:

    • Biodiversity
    • CO2 binding
    • Saving an endangered species
    • Climate protection

See also Sustainability.

Forest Management.

Our mixed forests in northern Australia are managed and maintained by our experienced partner Quintis. The focus is on comprehensive risk management.

    • Proactive risk management starts with the right choice of location: far away from potential hurricane or flood areas.
    • State-of-the-art technology is used to manage and monitor the plantations, from drip irrigation to the use of drones and satellite monitoring.

See also Forests.

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