Habitat for many bird and animal species

The Home of JC Sandalwood

A total area of around 575 hectares is owned by JC and its co-investors. The sandalwood forests are located in the tropical north of Australia, where they thrive in ideal climatic conditions, with natural water resources and favourable soil conditions. Its inland location naturally protects it from possible cyclones.

Our sandalwood forests are cultivated by our experienced management partner according to the latest forestry knowledge. Every day, proven forestry experts, agronomists and a large number of dedicated employees take care that our sandalwood is given the best conditions to grow.

Safe location Northern Australia

Risk minimisation already starts with the choice of location. Australia is a politically stable and legally reliable investment location. The extreme remoteness of the forests and their high-tech protection also successfully minimise the potential danger of poaching and theft.

The afforestation areas were also selected according to the following criteria:

  • climatic suitability
  • Soil quality
  • Water licences
  • legal aspects
  • Aboriginal rights
  • Logistics
  • natural risks
  • Costs

To reduce the risk of fire, the tropical climate zone in the north of Australia, which requires sandalwood, is very advantageous compared to, for example, the south-west of the continent, where the devastating fires of recent years took place. In the indigenous tradition, controlled burning of potential fire sources immediately after the rainy season is an agroforestry routine that our forestry partner adopted early on, with the result that not even a handful of sandalwood trees have been lost to fire in more than 20 years of management. As passive protection, risk insurance (internationally tendered) is available for all sandalwood forests.


Forestry management

Our Australian partner is responsible for the sustainable cultivation of our JC Sandalwood forests. The company was founded in 1997 and has since become the world market leader for sandalwood

In 2010, a handful of international plantation investors were invited to expand the plantation areas, such as the Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund, the Harvard University endowment fund and the Church of England. This circle also includes Jäderberg & Cie.

Our forestry partner is the only company in the world that grows sandalwood on a commercially significant scale and in a sustainable manner. The Group also owns the world’s largest sandalwood distillery, the only place where pharmaceutical-grade sandalwood is distilled.

Learn more about the sustainable management of JC Sandalwood mixed forests.

The JC Sandalwood Mixed Forests

Howie Maneroo

Northern Territory, Douglas Daly

Area: 280ha
Planting: Q3.2016
GPS Coordinates (Google Earth): 14 02’00.56″ S 131 15’42.03

Eagle Park

Northern Territory, Katherine

Area: 107,73ha
Planting: Q3.2012
GPS Coordinates (Google Earth): 14°33’21.40″ S 131°57’26.88″ E


Queensland, Burdekin-Dalbeg

Area: 74,80ha
Planting: Q2.2013
GPS Coordinates (Google Earth): 20°11’41.63″ S 147°16’56.26″ E


Queensland, Burkedin-Millaroo

Area: 110,25ha
Planting: Q2.2013
GPS Coordinates (Google Earth): 19°58’18.61″ S 147°15’09.63″ E